2020 BC FAirs Scholarship Opportunities

Annually, the BC Association of Agricultural Fairs & Exhibitions offers two scholarship opportunities;

the $2,000.00 BCAAFE Scholarship and
the $1,000.00 Bingo Hauser Memorial Scholarship

This year we received an overwhelming number of applications for each scholarship.  The applicants and their applications were exceptional, making the decision for the winning applicant(s) difficult.  The selection committee consisted of 12 reviewers, including people involved in fairs and exhibitions, family farming, entrepreneurial endeavours, lawyers, and teachers.

The 2020 winning applicants are:

BC Fairs Scholarship
Hailey Sudlow, Parksville

Bingo Hauser Memorial Scholarship
Shana Ahemode, Richmond

We would like to extend our thanks to all our applicants and reviewers.

Scholarship Committee Chair,
Allison Bourne-Bowers