Applications must be received in the BCAAFE office on or before the closing date. Applications received after 5:00pm on April 30th, 2021 will be disqualified.

1)            Amount of scholarship $2,000

2)            Applicant must be a resident of British Columbia.

3)            Scholarships may only be won once by the same applicant; however, non-successful applicants may re-apply the following year.

4)            An applicant may apply for a scholarship for two successive years after graduating from grade 12.

5)            For those scholarship winners unable to enter their program the year they have been awarded the scholarship, funds will be held in trust by the BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions for a maximum of one year from the time the award was made.

6)            Scholarship recipient will provide their student number and contact information of the educational institute where they are enrolled to the BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions office before the scholarship is paid.  Payment of the scholarship will be made directly to the institution the student will be attending.

7)            The BC Association of Agricultural Fairs & Exhibitions will administer the scholarship.

8)            The scholarship selection committee will be appointed by BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions.

9)            The scholarship committee reserves the right to withhold the awarding of any scholarship if, in the opinion of the scholarship committee, no qualified application is received.

10)        The decision of the scholarship committee is final and not open to appeal.

11)        Results will be announced to applicants by the end of June 2021.

12)        Applications must be sent electronically to the BCAAFE office via email to the above contact information. ([email protected])

13)        Your package includes: the completed application, transcripts, essay and photo (see 14 below). These files MUST be sent together in a single PDF file.    Please name this file with the applicant’s full name.

14)        Include a colour, passport size photo (head and shoulders only) with your application.  This file must be sent in JPEG format; please reference the applicants name on this file. Note: your photo should not be compiled into the PDF document (13).

The Scholarship Committee encourages all applicants to review the application requirements/supporting documents thoroughly before submitting your application.  Late or Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.

2021 BC Fairs Scholarship Application