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We apologize for the delay in sending the 2018 conference information out!  I’m sure that many of you will understand that without confirmed funding in place making commitments to speakers, service providers and contractors to present at the annual conference is challenging!  BC Fairs has now received approval on our 2018 Gaming Grant and with that we are very pleased to introduce these terrific speakers!  Please watch your mailbox for more speakers/topics/activities and information coming soon!
Thank you and I hope we will see you in Victoria!


Opening Keynote: The Future of the Fair Industry
Our industry is steeped in decades of tradition while also needing to cater to ever-changing consumer demands. We have survived, and some have thrived for this long, but how do we maintain our relevancy in society in the coming years with new technology, new experiences and new opportunities? The fair industry has many challenges ahead, but just as many opportunities to continue to thrive, it’s all about adaptability.

Sponsorship & Grants
Two important sources of revenue are sponsorship and grants. The new word for sponsorship is “partnerships” and that makes a big difference. Then there is the constantly evolving grant programs and application processes. This session will give advice on how to capitalize on both as well as some key tools to increase chances of success in bringing in new partners.

How to Recruit & Retain Youth Volunteers
It is a much more difficult world gathering volunteers than paid employees! There is a greater need to feel they are making a difference INSTANTLY. In this workshop you will learn the tools and develop the blueprint to recruit volunteers and retain them to keep them coming back year after year to your fair.

Tips for Writing a Creative Marketing Piece
This session will provide you with some basic tips for writing an effective promotional piece to make a special announcement and to help you write your event listing for the 2019 Fair Guide. Ever wonder why some news releases are printed and some aren’t – find out how to give your next press release some punch!

Poultry Shows 101
This session will cover the basics of how to run a poultry show, from governance, to layouts. The session will include tips on how to incorporate both an open and 4-H poultry show into your fair or event and provide some key contacts for resources if you are hosting or considering hosting a poultry show. This interactive workshop will include the basics of what is included in a poultry show, the rules, BC/Canadian applicable considerations, and how to complete your show reports in accordance with American Poultry Association and American Bantam Association rules.