At BC Fairs, the stronger our membership is, the stronger our voice is. Our mission is to provide leadership, resources and services to agricultural fairs, exhibitions and related events so they can effectively celebrate the diversity and importance of local agriculture in communities throughout BC.

With the changing faces of our towns and cities, fairs and exhibitions have remained relevant and form an integral part of our yearly traditions. A recent study commissioned by BC Fairs revealed that agricultural fairs in BC draw in more than 1.6 million spectators— representing approximately 26% of our entire population. In some cases, the number of attendees to the fairs surpasses the population of that town. The economic benefit to our communities can easily be seen by looking at not only what these spectators spend, but also at the expenditures of the Fair Associations themselves.

Fair, Exhibition & Festival Members

Fairs, exhibitions and festivals have a significant impact on the economy of British Columbia. They are gathering places for the young and old and offer the public a place to meet, compete and volunteer their services. Not only do these events provide an economic benefit, they also offer many tangible advantages to each and every community.

List of Fair, Exhibition & Festival Members

For membership as a fully recognized agricultural fair or exhibition of the BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions the organization must meet the mandate of the association’s bylaws and have 10 recognized agricultural categories.

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A non-profit organization whose purposes include furthering agriculture, industry and community life and holds annually scheduled events such as community celebrations, horticultural or agricultural festivals, etc. shall be eligible to apply for festival membership.

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Associate & Commercial Members

BC Fairs offers membership opportunities to businesses and other non-profits who would like to support BC Fairs, keep up on what member fairs and exhibitions are doing, and have a special opportunity to display products or services and promote awareness of BC’s agriculture industry.

Associate Membership pertains to government agencies, agriculture related non-profit organizations and others who are interested in the growth and development of agricultural fairs and exhibitions in British Columbia.

Commercial Membership pertains to an individual, firm or organization who earns income from doing business directly with a fair/exhibition. Examples would be concessionaires, midway operations, performers, entertainment agencies etc.

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