Buy BC



We are excited to partner with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture for the 2020 fair season for a fun photo promotion with a number of our fairs and exhibitions, in support of Buy BC.

Visit Buy BC themed exhibits to learn more about the importance of supporting local producers and farmers and have fun! We encourage you to take a photo or two, post them to social media and be sure to use the hashtags #buybc and #bcfairs.

Look for the Buy BC symbol in your local grocery stores to satisfy your tastes and feel good about supporting local growers and producers. When you Buy BC you are getting fresh tasting, high-quality products that are grown, harvested, raised and processed locally by your neighbours all over the province. There’s a sense of pride that B.C. farmers feel when providing British Columbians with a variety of products that are from their own backyards.

Check back to find the list of 2020 fairs and exhibitions participating in our Buy BC Promotion!

Each fair will have a different display, be sure to visit their websites and follow them on social media for more details, and look for banners, posters, buttons, tattoos and volunteers in Buy BC aprons for more info.

Don’t forget to follow BC Fairs on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and tag us with your pictures too!