About Us

The BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions (BC Fairs) was created in 1910. For more than 100 years, the organization has been in place to provide multiple levels of support to the communities within our province.

At the highest level, BC Fairs has been a vocal advocate to ensure that funding and agricultural support remains a priority through its active government relations committee and guidance on matters such as gaming grant applications, funding opportunities and an exclusive insurance program. BC Fairs represents the province on the Provincial Executive Committee with CAFE (Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions) and at the international level as a provincial associate of the IAFE (International Association of Fairs & Expositions).

Each year, BC Fairs organizes a conference for its members. This invaluable event provides opportunities for communities to network and learn from one another. In addition to workshops, seminars and roundtable discussions, attendees are able to discuss specific concerns or issues they may be facing and learn how other communities are responding to similar concerns or issues. Members learn strategies and tactics that are actionable and, in many cases, tested. Attendees are able to return to their home communities armed with knowledge and new skills which will benefit not only their own fair or exhibition, but also be applicable to businesses regardless of whether they are agricultural, artisanal or commercial.

BC Fairs is proud of our province and the fairs and exhibitions put on by our associations. Our board and staff members are available for all members to ask questions and we take pleasure in connecting the communities together in a welcoming network of like-minded individuals. Through our activities we strive to educate, empower and excite our members and the community. Why? Because we are all passionate about the importance of agriculture and the value that agriculture adds to the economy of British Columbia.

Our Vision

A sustainable provincial association that represents membership and increases awareness of BC agriculture through alliances with other organizations.

Our Mission

To provide leadership, resources and services to all association members so they can effectively celebrate the diversity and importance of local agriculture in communities throughout BC.